Job advertisement Inclusionist (freelancer)

About us

Dialogue Social Enterprise GmbH (DSE) is a leading global social enterprise. It develops and franchises experience-based exhibitions and workshops that break down prejudices and stereotypes and promote awareness, diversity and inclusion. DIALOGUE IN THE DARK™, DIALOGUE IN SILENCE™ and DIALOGUE WITH TIME™ have made a valuable contribution to the inclusion of people with disabilities and seniors over the past 32 years. Already 10 million people have visited a Dialogue exhibition or participated in a Dialogue workshop and thus reflected on their own thinking and behavior towards marginalized groups. More than 10,000 qualified jobs for people with disabilities have been created. During the pandemic, in which social distancing has taken on a major role and human interaction has shifted to virtual space, inspiring online formats have emerged to bring dialogue out of dark and onto the digital stage.

What is the Dialogue Online Inclusion Workshop?

The Dialogue Inclusion Online Program is a series of workshops on disability inclusion for corporates, NGO and Universities. The overall objective of this Program is to support building an inclusive organizational culture for employees in partnership with People with Disabilities. Each workshop addresses a dimension of the organizational culture and can be taken separately or in combination. All workshops have the same methodology and structure. As in all Dialogue programs the experimental learning and the authentic encounter are the key factors.

Inclusionist (freelancer)


The inclusionist is a person with disability who plays the role of learning partner for the participants of a Dialogue Online Inclusion Workshop. The inclusionist is at the heart of the methodology of encounter among persons with and without disability to foster experiential inclusion. The Inclusionist uses different tools to foster experiential learning on participants such as storytelling, role play, etc.


  • Person with disability (especially visual or physical disability).
  • Public speaking and group facilitation skills.
  • Experience in video conferencing and usage of other online tools.
  • Full professional proficiency in German and/or English.
  • Identification as disability inclusion advocate and or expert.


  • Preparation for the workshop:
    • Read manuals, workshops programs, reference documents and any other material provided in preparation to each workshop.
    • Be part of what’s app group or other digital group where information related to the workshop is provided.
    • Attend at least to one preparation meeting before the workshop date.
  • Workshop implementation:
    • Attend to the preparation meeting right before the actual workshop.
    • Participate actively during the whole workshop as agreed: breakout groups, storytelling, role play, etc.
    • Attending a feedback session after the workshop.

What we offer:

  • The job is a freelancer position.
  • Dialogue Social Enterprise offers a freelance agreement per workshop.
  • Each freelance agreement entails approximately from 5 to 8 working hours.
  • The salary offered is 70€/hour.
  • Workshops are intermittent and vary according to the clients’ requests.
  • Dialogue Social Enterprise will provide basic training on content and if needed technical support.
  • This job can be performed remotely

How to become part of our team

If you like to be part of our mission to raise awareness and bring change into our society, if you like to contribute to a more diverse and inclusive environment in companies and organisations and become part of our pool of inclusionists, please send your CV and a motivation letter via email to Estelle Bolin.