The Re-opening Case at the Dialoghaus

The entrance of the Dialoghaus in Hamburg decorated with rainbow colored banners that announce the re-opening on October, 1st.

Last summer brought some hope for the pandemic to reduce its intensity in Europe and Asia. The decreasing cases led us to a positive bias and many business restarted operations. Among those, the...

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Finding new meaning: DiD Hong Kong

The lobby of the Hong Kong Dialogue in the Dark exhibition

The Dialogue in the Dark team in Hong Kong is dealing with the current crisis inspired by their mantra: the right to serve. They believe that people with disabilities can create value for others not...

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Dialogue 10-years impact report

Cover of the 10 years Social Impact report.

Dialogue Social Enterprise celebrated 10 years in 2019. In addition to this anniversary, the pandemic time was a good moment to stop and recap our achievements.

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A café to feed the soul

Since traveling will still be difficult this summer, Vilnius has found another way to visit countries all over the world. And DiD will be part of this experience.

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The blind positive ambassadors

Portrait of Francis Zhang

Some weeks ago, I virtually encountered once again with DiD facilitator Francis Zhang from Shanghai. As we at DiD strongly believe, we learn from encounters. Our conversation made me think about the...

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