COVID-19, Empathy and Dialogue in the Dark

Portrait of Luiz Calina

With the Covid-19 pandemic monopolizing the world's attention, one word came to be used several times: EMPATHY. Besides it, collaboration, solidarity, unity and many others also have a prominent place...

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Inclusion at risk

A rope, a bit worn out, with a knot in the mid. One side is thinner than the other.

The crisis is an opportunity. We all know that phrase, but only in theory. Today we are trying to bring it to reality during this time of corona virus. I do not know if we are going to achieve it,...

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Four people with canes entering the black box in a Dialogue in the Dark exhibition.

For years, we have explained how Dialogue in the Dark is not a simulation of blindness but a contingency experiential exercise. Besides lack of eyesight, when our visitors go into the dark, they are...

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DiD Japan: reframing the DiD concept

Hiyama in a video chat with some school kids.

Following the sanitary recommendations to stop Covid-19, all the Dialogue exhibitions and workshop centers are closed. However, DiD Japan has reframed the DiD concept to continue our social mission.

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The MODI Lab kick-off

Mayor of Zug and Dr. Andreas Heinecke cutting the red ribbon

MODI stands for Museum of Inclusion and Diversity. This concept came to theoretical life a few years ago, and since then, it has been running through our minds at DSE.

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Dialogue in the Dark is back to Saudi Arabia

DSE team at DiD Ithra Saudi Arabia

Dialogue in the Dark is back at Ithra. And I cannot find another way to name this, but only great impact! Some weeks ago, we told you that DiD was presented at the Tanween festival 2019 with Dining in...

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Houston, we have a Dialogue!

DiD Houston team

Many of the Dialogue in the Dark workshops and exhibition request we got at DSE, come from US. It is not clear why, given the fact that DiD has had no operations in the US for several years now....

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Dialogue in the Light

DiD Monterrey team

Dialogue in the Dark Monterrey, in Mexico, has put all effort on selling workshops and dinners in the dark during the last years. As part of its marketing strategies, two years ago they started doing...

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