Workshops at Women’s Forum 2018

The Women’s Forum Global Meeting 2018 took part in Paris from 14th to 16th November 2018 at Carrousel du Louvre. Global leaders gathered to bridge divides and move towards more inclusive progress for all of humanity.

Inspired by women’s leadership, the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society brings a distinctly female perspective to defining strategies to create the conditions for action.

The meeting included worldwide leaders, plenaries, roundtables, workshops, speakers, networking and more. Proudly, Dialogue in the Dark was one of the workshops choices presented to attendees.

We presented a series of 5 workshop sessions in the dark. We put together several experiential ingredients to design an unforgettable powerful 75 minutes session.  We employed a dark environment which creates immediate strong connection among people, provocative & reflective questions and Dialogues, challenging exercises which push attendees out of their usual behavioral, cognitive and emotional  paradigms, and of course, a mostly female team of inspiring blind facilitators!

The objectives of the DiD workshops were focused on inclusion and how to build bridges across humanity by letting go harmful prejudices and building empathy and collaboration relationships instead.

All the workshops choices of the event could be pre-booked. We are delighted to say the Dialogue in the Dark workshops were sold out only after 3 hours of being offered online!160 persons attended the dark sessions and we got wonderful feedback from participants.

We are truly grateful for this opportunity to show international leaders a new way to approach inclusion which comes from heart and humanity and which highlights our equality as human beings.

The dark is a free-prejudices platform which allows our inner light to bright. We hope these workshops in the dark to be a turning point for global leaders in their inclusion agendas.