Valentine Cuisine in the Dark

One happy & dark Valentine's Day in Kuala Lumpur.

Valentine’s Day has become almost a worldwide celebration day. Surely, it makes for a lovely
date with your loved one. However, the challenge is to find a perfect venue for such occasion. Well, how about celebrating it in the dark? In Kuala Lumpur, this was a possible option last February 14th.

One of the most-cherished experiences by visitors at Dialogue in the Dark Malaysia is Cuisine
in the Dark. Eating in pitch dark attracts sighted people who feel curious about increasing
their other senses, that way also interacting in a different way with their companions over dinner. On February 14th,  20 guests decided to experience Valentine’s day differently in Kuala Lumpur. 5 blind persons made that happen. Western dishes were served by unique Coffee Sprex. Who? Coffee Sprex is a team of deaf people who own an entire coffee shop and made the menu extra-Valentine for this occasion. Additionally, choir of 12 blind members were in charge of delighting guests with beautiful songs, whilst they dine in the dark. Blind and deaf talent joined their forces this Valentine's Day in Kuala Lumpur.  They made sure it will be the one guests will adore and cherish forever. Stevens Chan, DiD partner in KL, shared with us that guests were delighted, “Feedback was overall great. Guests had the chance to write their comments in postcards”.

Bravo, DiD Kuala Lumpur!

Love, music, food and friendship are crucial in order to enjoy life, thank you for showing us that all those beauties of life are possible in the dark, too!