The DialogMuseum in Frankfurt continues!

Rental fees: one of the biggest budget eaters, particularly when it comes to non-profits. The problem escalates when it comes to finding and retaining spaces in big and capital cities, in this case, Frankfurt.

For more over one year, the fate of continuation of the DialogMuseum in Frankfurt was trembling due to an unsustainable venue rental fees. Closing down was a painful possibility for all members of the DiD family. Besides being the origin point of DiD in the world, the exhibition in Frankfurt has been a DiD international role model of sustainability and high utilization numbers with more than 10 years of constant operations.

But some days ago, to all our happiness and surprise, I found this article from the DialogMuseum announcing their continuity. Happy news for the DiD world!

Some days after, I had the chance to encounter directly with Klara Kletzka in Hamburg. She is the director of the DialogMuseum. Klara shared with me that they surprisingly found a lot of love and support from DialogMuseum followers who didn’t want it to close in Frankfurt!

The organization has found a new venue in the heart of the city and with a convenient rental fee. The support of the City of Frankfurt was crucial in this process. Almost one million visitors have gone through this exhibition and most of the schools in the area are frequent visitors of the DialogMuseum. Such an impact could not be overlooked.

The DialogMuseum is having its last tours in the dark until December 22nd in its current venue and soon will be presented at its new home. This exhibition is a cultural experiential initiative which has brought empathy and a culture of tolerance and respect and no one in Frankfurt has doubts about it so we thank your support and wish that DialogMuseum lives and thrives at its new location for many years to come!