Sharing to keep the Dialogue going

Most of the Dialogue in the Dark venues remain closed in the world. The future of our organization is uncertain since the physical dark, our platform for encounters between sighted visitors and blind guides, is not possible at the moment.

Screenshot of the participants on the Zoom screen during the Online workshop hosted by DD Singapore

However, from our first virtual International Meeting, we realized that one of our strength as organization to cope with crisis is our network: incredible enthusiastic and resilient people that hardly give up.

One of our strategies to cope with the current moment was intensifying sharing among the networks. As a result, in 2021 there has been a series of 5 sharing sessions where diverse Dialogue in the Dark venues have kindly shared their best practices when darkness cannot continue.

Resilient leadership for challenging times - online workshop

Shared by Dialogue Social Enterprise, it is a 2.5-hour online workshop which condensed the best leading in crisis strategies implemented by the blind guides around the word. These 3 strategies are turned into practical skills to be transferred to business leaders: check in, include, and expand.

Spotlight on the Blind - online workshop

Dialogue in the Dark Singapore introduced this interactive programme designed to develop empathy and foster inclusion on students. Through engaging activities led by blind facilitators and the sharing of their experiences, the programme will provide insights into the lives of the blind community and debunk stereotypes. They will also be encouraged to think about what they can do to be more inclusive.
For more information reach out to DiD SG.

Dialogue with Distance™- online workshop

Dialogue in the Dark Melbourne presented this 90-minute remote team collaboration experience specifically designed to drive team engagement and collective problem solving. Based on the success of Dialogue in the Dark, it is also run ‘in the dark’ (ie. video screens remain off). The simulated darkness and absence of visual cues heightens other social skills – listening, tone of voice, volume of speech and the words we choose, developing empathy and amplifying leadership styles.
For more information reach out to DiD Melbourne.

Dialogue in Distance

The Dialog Museum in Frankfurt introduces this powerful virtual workshop which aims to change perspectives and open spaces of opportunities for teams. In times of pandemic we all feel compelled to break new ground and open up new spaces. The Dialog Museum blind experts have many years of experience in using this change of perspective for workshops and team training. The mission is to help teams changing their perspectives in the virtual context and fulfill closeness in the distance.
For more information reach out to DiD Frankfurt.

Box of Exploring – sensorial analog activity

Dialogue in the Dark Egypt attempts to bring the Dialogue outside the dark with this concept and continue fulfilling this project’s mission and raise awareness towards visual impairment. It is a box designed for students with activities to be done individually or share with others – friends, family, or teachers. The activities of the game don’t depend on any pointing system or anything but rather each activity tests a certain sense then a final activity compiling all senses. Some activities may require more than one sense and others not. Components of some activities are to be added in small bags and children are not allowed to open them unless they’re blindfolded.
For more information reach out to DiD Egypt.