Lights on in Ahmedabad

When lights are on in any of our Dialogue in the Dark (DiD) hubs means a sad moment for us. We got this unfortunate news that DiD in Ahmedabad is closing.


Mit and Pooja

Many memories about Mit – DiD Ahmedabad founder – came to my mind. My first memory is about how the social entrepreneurial spirit passes on. DSE’s founder Andreas Heinecke – besides Dialogue exhibitions– usually does a lot of more complementary activities, and teaching is among those. Some years ago he used to teach at a university near Frankfurt. It was usual that a number of students got engaged with the social entrepreneurial spirit of Andreas wanting to collaborate in some of his projects. That is the way Mit Somaya from India came to work to DSE in Hamburg.

It is also usual that some of us in the DSE team have also engaged with Andreas’ social entrepreneurial essence wanting to do social intrapreneurship and replicating some of the DSE programs in our countries. That is what Mit did once he left Germany. He came back home to Ahmedabad and decided – together with his wife Pooja – to open a local Dialogue in the Dark hub.

My second memory is about Mit’s hospitality in India. It was in 2013 when I visited Ahmedabad in India to conduct the DiD training for Mit’s team. I am blind and I had been traveling around the world by myself for 5 years. However, for some reason, I was feeling very anxious to go through the Indian airports. It was my second time in India and with no rational basis it had been a culture I couldn’t connect with.


I clearly remember Mit making phone calls and talking face to face to the airlines in Ahmedabad making sure I was to get the assistance. He made me feel certain during my flights. It was Mit who was a great host and took me to the streets to taste unique Indian food and described for me the cows going around in the middle of the city road.

And my third memory was about his tireless spirit. He was always working in good humor. Always creating and imagining the future of DiD in Ahmedabad. He decided to hire some of the blind facilitators on a permanent basis and found good partnerships to star running the dark workshops. He trained the blind facilitators in some other skills so these people learned not only to work in the dark but to take care of admin stuff and other topics.

Mit informed us that he took a new professional path. He left Ahmedabad and cannot continue the DiD activities there. SO the DiD hub will be closed. From DSE side we are very thankful to Mit and Pooja. They joined us in the social change adventure. They put their heart in the DSE mission since the moment Mit engaged with Andreas’ entrepreneurial spirit. Mit did a great impact through Dialogue all over the world as DSE team member and locally in India from his hometown Ahmedabad.

Thank you Mit. Thank you Pooja.

Best wishes for your new professional adventure.

And who knows?

Maybe lights off may bring us together some day in the future.