Last journey of the blind traveler: Dialogue in the Dark Frankfurt

yellow poster with black and white bubbles saying Blinder Passagier Entdecke Europa im Dunkeln (German)

In German language, a “blind traveler” is that person who books a trip without certain destination. Since years, the Dialog Museum in Frankfurt has been offering the “blind traveler” experience to its visitors to Dialogue in the Dark as a variation of the regular exhibition in the dark.

The exhibition lobby is reconditioned so it looks like a check in airport area. Hosts become into airlines representatives and visitors are treated as “blind travelers.” Once they go into the dark, the blind guide becomes into a tourist guide who takes his tourists into a sensory and imaginative journey to a surprise country.

This summer 2018, the Blind Traveler is dedicated not only to one country but to Europe and its great diverse cultures.

The Dialog Museum, after 13 years of successful continuous operation, will close for a long time. Therefore, the last Blind Traveler experience is also a tribute to the rest of the Dialogue in the Dark European venues.

With some adjustments to the scenography of each area in the dark and new sounds, smells and even flavors, the Dialog Museum transforms its usual exhibition in the dark into exotic far places to travel to. The narrative and the imagination capacity of the guides in addition to the scenography changes are key to achieve a totally new experience for visitors.

The Dialogue in the Dark blind guides love the “blind traveler.” Their usual workspace is transformed so routine is changed. Furthermore, they are not only expert guides in the dark but also tourist guides so other skills are needed.

The concept for this summer is similar to those crazy long exhausting trips through Europe: 6 cities in 6 days but in the dark!

At the end of the cities rally, blind travelers have to answer some questions related with the cities they visited in the dark. At the end of the “blind traveler” season, there is a rifle where the prize consists of flight tickets to Milan and tickets to visit Dialogue in the Dark in Italy!

So if you are in Frankfurt this summer, make sure to come across the Dialog Museum and become the last blind travelers of this wonderful Dialogue in the Dark venue!