Houston, we have a Dialogue!

Many of the Dialogue in the Dark workshops and exhibition request we got at DSE, come from US. It is not clear why, given the fact that DiD has had no operations in the US for several years now. However, we got good news: Dialogue in the Dark is back to the US!

DiD Houston team

Last January we have trained 8 visually impaired persons and formed the new DiD team in Houston Texas!

Our new Dialogue in the Dark partner will operate DiD workshops in US and Canada from 2020 on. The training was conducted at the Lighthouse of Houston, which was a great support to our US partner in finding the best visually impaired candidates and with all topics related to the local blind community. 

We found a very committed and passionate team in Houston. Scott, the head of our local partner, after having visited the exhibition in Melbourne, worked so hard and quickly found the way to replicate DiD in US. The main focus of this new team will be on corporate experiential workshops. At the beginning of February, six demo workshops were already conducted for potential clients and interested people at the Lighthouse of Houston. Therefore, the unique experiential proposal of Dialogue in the Dark workshops is now locally available in North America!

You can visit their website here. Or join their social media Facebook and Instagram. We hope that you and your teams experience the Dark in North America soon!