Great Partnerships to Work

DiD Brazil participants in the workshop sitting in a big circle

As we have shared before, all our Dialogue initiatives in the world become stronger when there are great partnerships around. Last April our DiD partners in Brazil met with the Great Place to Work Brazil CEO. He was fascinated by the DiD concept and invited our Brazilian partners to explore a partnership.

GPW is one of the most important firms in organizational culture consultation and certification worldwide. The GPW certification and ranking is currently one of the most important and innovative organizational culture practices in the world with many of the most important companies participating.

Last August 15th Dialogue in the Dark Brazil conducted a dark workshop for GPW Brazil regional managers, in Sau Paulo. It was the most important week for GPW Brazil when they certify and rank the companies. The DiD workshop was the innovative experiential workshop introduced to the GPW managers.

25 GPW members attended the dark workshop which was conducted by a team of 4 blind facilitators. The focus of the workshop was on social emotional skills, e.g. active listening, empathy, vulnerability and the human capacity to overcome barriers.

Andrea Calina, DiD partner, shared about the workshop: “The group was astonishing. It was a great team, many of them work alone in their cities, doing everything the branch requires, from cleaning to attend major client. To be able to show their loneliness and fragility, to know they count with their team, we really felt this connection was very appreciated. To connect with the Facilitators was super too, they realized it is possible, humans are capable of anything, it is not easy, but possible if you use creativity.”

Check one participant’s feedback here.

As part of this partnership, The GPW team in Brazil has offered DiD to run a webinar about the dark workshops with the GPW team and to include the DiD workshops in the GPW newsletter as a practice that companies should try.

We acknowledge the effort of our partners to create great partnership, especially in the case of our Brazilian partners who have managed to partner with a big global player in the field of organizational culture consulting. Congratulations and we wish this partnership will bring great results for both parties!