Empathy Challenge 2019: DiD Singapore

Allow us to tell you more about DiD Singapore's wonderful empathy challenge.

Since 2017,  Dialogue in the Dark Singapore has been conducting “The Empathy Challenge”. It is DiD Singapore’s program in the light, it consists of a series of simulations designed to walk on the shoes of persons with various disabilities. The program is conducted for students and corporates.

The empathy challenge program takes participants into three levels:

  1. Participants gain awareness about the reality of persons with disability
  2. They reflect and cultivate empathy within themselves and for others.
  3. They gain a concrete call to action with the completion of program.

For the 2019 edition of this challenge, 3,000 students of year 1 at the Ngee Ann Polytechnic are to take part. These students are part of the module “innovation made possible” and teachers will participate alongside with the students and will facilitate the experience back in the classrooms.

This big audience will be divided into two rounds: the first one is to participate in April and the second in October. Dialogue in the Dark Singapore is the entity planning and executing the empathy challenge. In particular, the blind guides are in charge of the blindness simulations by conducting the exercises, dialoguing with the participants and facilitating the learning process. Usually from 4 to 8 blind guides are involved in the program.

We feel the need to thank DiD Singapore for spreading the empathy spirit within the Ngee Ann Polytechnic campus and beyond! What a great iniative!