DiD Genoa: Guides Innovate

As an avid Dialogue news collector, I try to stalk all Dialogue channels, and as often as possible. DiD Genoa’s Facebook has been busy. What's that all about?

Since my Italian is not quite there yet and the automatic translation gave me only a vague idea, I decided to ask Patricia Oblitas, a head of DiD Genoa production, about these recent developments.

We know how difficult is to attract people using a marketing with no images. Our beloved DiD heart is about non-visual perception. The trouble is, people don’t feel fascinated to experience something they cannot see in advance. Winning visitors’ love with no images, especially in this digital era, is difficult.  DiD Genoa made some innovations happen in order to close that gap. Patricia told me that firstly they understood that, beyond website or newsletter, social media is the best way to communicate with people. Based on that, they designed a three-step strategy.

Firstly, they decided upon posting and content:

  1. Posting at least once a day or more if they have especial events.
  2. Defined topics: messages from reliable national or international institutions, promotion of especial events, topics related with visual disability and news or events which are related with the DiD Genoa mission.
  3. Having the internal team sharing the DiD Genoa posts.
  4. Subscription to groups or pages which share a common vision or mission.

Secondly, they involved internal talent. One of the DiD Genoa host has been trained on social media management so this task is done directly from inside the organization structure. Patricia also shared that post content was proposed and executed by the blind guides. Of course the guides, together with the management team, worked to check first the feasibility of the events.

Lastly, a third had to do with making new events happen. The concrete strategy is attracting children to the dark exhibition. What they offer is the following

  1. "Merendamo al Buio" (snack in the dark): after enjoying the regular exhibition tour with the guide, once at the bar, kids have to prepare their own snack, usually bread and Nutella!
  2. "Caccia al tesoro mascherata" (treasure hunting – mask edition): this activity can be tailored in different ways. The “mascherata” edition is program for carnival period and consists in looking for the pieces of a carnival mask that the guides have hidden in the exhibition areas. At the end, kids will create their own mask assembling all pieces found once they are in the lighted room.
  3. "Dialogo Misterioso" (mysterious dialogue): it consists of a reading of a book tale in the dark. It may be adapted according with the date, for example at Christmas it was An Andersen's tail. In a different edition it was a tail about a little owl that is afraid of darkness. There are also plans to offer a session that will be dedicated to adults, maybe a noir or thriller reading. Elena, one of the blind guides,  is the person in charge of this activity, so she prepares and learns by memory the entire tale and sometimes other guides help producing the sounds to animate the reading.

Isn’t this a neat strategy, or what? Whoa, DiD Genoa!