DiD Egypt: making information inclusive

In view of the Covid-19 crisis in Egypt, the marketing and communication department of Dialogue in the Dark in Cairo has launched an inclusive precaution campaign.

Campaign logo of "Remeber, Covid-19 hits all" with sketches aof different groups of people, impaired and not.

“A self-motivated and well-informed population is usually far more powerful and effective than a policed, ignorant population.” Yuval Noah Harari.

You can find the complete article of Yuval Noah Harari in the Financial Times here.

As we all know by heart, Covid-19 has made its way to many countries by now. The virus came to Egypt, another Dialogue spot on the world map, and several information and awareness campaigns have been introduced to the public.

However, as appointed by Menna Ashraf, marketing and communication manager at Dialogue in the Dark Egypt, most awareness campaigns/ precautious actions communicated in Egypt are not inclusive to people with disabilities. “For example, content provided to show people how to wash their hands are either static images or undescriptive enough for disabled people.”

Discrimination of people with disability and inequity are typically seen in education or job contexts. However, we hardly ever pay attention to the information we share. If it is not accessible for all we are passively discriminating too.

As part of a social responsibility initiative, DiD Egypt has joined more Egyptian organizations working with the disability topic to launch an awareness inclusive campaign. Several social media inclusive posts explaining precautious information to stay safe upon Covid-19 have been posted already. The posted information is accessible for people with different disability and can be found under the hashtag #RememberCoronaHitsAll.

“It’s in times like these where we see human solidarity at its best. As we all face the same global issue, and take the right precautions to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our community safe, please remember that Covid-19 hits all.” Follow and join this #RememberCoronaHitsAll here.

Bravo DiD Egypt for remaining inclusive aware even in crisis time!