Dialogue in the Light

Dialogue in the Dark Monterrey, in Mexico, has put all effort on selling workshops and dinners in the dark during the last years. As part of its marketing strategies, two years ago they started doing digital marketing as many other partners do.

DiD Monterrey team

However, the rules, especially in Facebook, are variable in a way that you are pushed to pay more and more for digital marketing. On the other hand, the DiD Monterrey team was not feeling comfortable using social media only to sell and share pictures of the sold events.

Therefore, they created “Dialogue in the Light.” This is a video podcast launched on YouTube and which will be available soon in Spotify and apple podcast. The strategy is to offer all public a casual and entertaining content about disability and related topics. The content is inspired from those conversations and dialogues which occur at the DiD exhibition bar or cafeteria. Also inspired from those questions that sighted people regularly ask blind people in daily basis.

Of course, the blind guides and facilitators are the protagonists of the podcast. So far 4 episodes have been posted: the white cane and GPS apps use, the public transportation for blind people, hiking with blind people and 50 things you didn’t know about visual disability.

The strategy of the “Dialogue with the Light” is twofold: on one side it offers authentic free content to followers. On the other hand, it tries to stimulate those followers who have never attended a DiD experience to give it a try.

The Dialogue in the Light is planned for 12 episodes and one year. Let’s see what the results are and if DiD is able to offer a new type of content to its visitors and followers. So far, the content is only in Spanish. You can watch the videos here!