Dialogue In The Knesset 70th Anniversary

The Knesset, the Israeli parliament, has celebrated its 70th anniversary some days ago. Proudly Dialogue in the Dark was part of the celebration!


DiD Team in Holon Israel

The Dialogue exhibitions presented by the Children Museum in Holon are prestigious awareness exhibitions in Israel (Dialogue in the dark, Dialogue in Silence and Dialogue with Time). Therefore, they got the invitation from the Knesset to be part of the celebration of the 70th anniversary. .

Dialogue in the Dark Israel built two dark committee rooms at the Knesset venue and created a sensorial unique experience which was linked with the Knesset. This experience was conducted by 5 DiD blind guides.

Ten sessions in the dark were offered and around 320 visitors had the chance to go through rich experience with several activities. Visitors identified objects related with Knesset as Chairman’s hammer, flags, menorah, etc. They used their hearing ability to identify famous speeches from the Knesset history as Ben Gurion announcement of Eichmann capture, Golda Meir resignation, Egyptian president addressing the Knesset and so on. At the end but still in the dark, visitors were asked to write their name and feeling about the experience in the right corner of a card that they could take with them and discover in the light their writing.

To complement Dialogue participation in the Knesset, two lectures were presented at the Knesset auditorium under the overall title of “disabilities.” One of the lectures was conducted by Dialogue in the Dark'S blind guide Eidan. The second lecture was conducted by Dialogue in Silence's deaf manager Tali. Around 400 persons attended each lecture.

This is wonderful news! We are so proud of the Dialogue exhibitions at the Children Museum and the Director Gil Omer for taking part in national big events as the Knesset anniversary.

Well done, Dialogue Israel!