Dialogue in the Dark workshops expanded in Africa: Mauritius and South Africa

Group photo of Dialogue in the Dark team and Chengadu Advisory

It was 2018 when we landed for the first time in Mauritius. Our partner Routes Advisory made the launching DiD in the island possible. That morning we met many interesting people. Among those there were people from Chengadu Advisory from South Africa. The workshops series in Mauritius in 2018 were that successful so we were requested to conduct a second workshops series in 2019. To our pleasure, Chengadu Advisory requested to become a partner too for hosting a workshops series in South Africa, so we combined both countries in one trip.

As a result, this September blind facilitators from Dubai, Germany, Ireland and Lithuania joined DSE’s project manager Estelle Bolin from Hamburg to conduct dark workshops in Port Louis and Johannesburg.

Two workshops were conducted in Mauritius for corporate clients such as banks, hotel and tourism sectors. More than 30 participants attended these leaderships sessions in the dark where they learned in an experiential way how to lead in uncertainty.

Once the mission was accomplished in Port Louis the team moved on to South Africa. There was a launching ceremony and a series of 3 workshops in Sandton, Johannesburg. Almost 90 participants from corporates and universities attended the sessions which were focused on leadership and collaborative interactions.

The feedback was amazing, and we hope to strengthen the partnership with our colleagues in Africa, so more Dialogue in the Dark workshops are offered next years in such cities. So far, we ended up full of gratitude to Routes Advisory and Chengadu Advisory that have believed in us and have believed in the DiD workshops as an innovative learning tools for their markets in Mauritius and South Africa.