Dialogue in the Dark Teaser in Trier

Trier is considered to be the oldest city of Germany. It is close to Luxemburg, France and Belgium, and it is a city with a strong and rich Roman past. One more historical curious information: Karl Marx was born in Trier.


Trier Photo

In this city, a Dialogue in the Dark teaser was conducted from October 12th to 14th. The DSE team darkened the sacristy of St. Paul’s church and hosted 362 visitors in 3 days.

A team of 3 blind facilitators accompanied with DSE project managers travelled from Hamburg to Trier. The experience consisted of a 25-minutes visit to the dark with up to 18 visitors per time. “Put in order” and “secret word” were some of the exercises that visitors could enjoy in the dark.

A Dialogue in the Dark temporary exhibition in Trier will officially open in St. Paul's Church at this upcoming December 1st. For the the very first time a DiD venue will take its place in a church! For that matter, this teaser was an advertising event for the upcoming big exhibition. It introduced the DiD concept to various audiences in Trier, and of course, prepared our team for the imminent workload awaiting them as we open this new DiD venue!

We are very much enthusiastic to welcome our new DiD exhibition in Trier, it will be indeed a very nice Christmas present for the entire Dialogue family!