Dialogue in the Dark opens in London

A new Dialogue in the Dark exhibition has opened last December 3rd in London. Our Dialogue partners in Turkey, after 5 years of successful dark operations in Istanbul, decided to set up a local team in London and initiated Muse Projects, a social enterprise proposing social change through cultural & arts initiatives.

Team of Dialogue in the Dark London

Dialogue in the Dark is the first offer of Muse Projects in London. Located in Hackney, which is a fast-growing area of London, surrounded by arts and alternative thinking, this exhibition makes great use of sounds and scenography so you can really navigate the Hackney area in the dark from a totally different perspective.

This is not the first time that Dialogue in the Dark exhibition is staged in London. In fact, London was one of the first cities that hosted DiD out of Germany, in the early nineties. Therefore, 25 years have passed after the first exhibition. We were a bit hesitant: we know the life conditions for people with visual disability have improved. We know London is now a multicultural diverse city. Somehow, we were doubtful how our 30-years exhibition could be of some help to the London society.

We arrived at London with the idea to, first of all, check with our visually impaired guides the current situation of London and build together the message that DiD could convey in this new version. The conclusion was to introduce DiD as an experiential tool for social inclusion beyond visual disability as you can read in this article.

We were lucky enough that one of the former guides from the exhibition 25 years ago came to us again wanting to join. She was our thermometer to measure how much our exhibition has evolved. She confirmed to us: in the past DiD was very much on promoting the idea of job inclusion for the blind. Today’s DiD proposal goes beyond the needs of the visually impaired community and introduces the dark as a reduced-prejudices platform for social exchange and the blind guides as Dialogue & inclusion facilitators.

And we had this conversation seated at the kitchen table in the fourth floor of that flat building in London. For some reason intolerance seems to be increasing in many areas of the world. She has seen it in Italy. I have seen it in Mexico. Both pf us have seen some examples in other European and American cities. One of our colleagues in London told us how he has been offended in the streets because he is a foreigner. Therefore, for sure conditions for some minorities have improved and London is somehow a friendly city when it comes to diversity. However, more Dialogue and more encounter are still needed to extinguish fire of discrimination and inequality which still burns in our societies.

Visit Dialogue in the Dark London:

Monday – Sunday
10am – 6pm
Space Studios
129-131 Mare St,
London E8 3RH