Dialogue in the Dark is back to Saudi Arabia

Dialogue in the Dark is back at Ithra. And I cannot find another way to name this, but only great impact! Some weeks ago, we told you that DiD was presented at the Tanween festival 2019 with Dining in the Dark and workshops versions.

DiD exhibition space at Ithra
DSE team at DiD Ithra Saudi Arabia

The impact on visitors was that satisfactory that Ithra decided to host a DiD exhibition at its facilities in Dammam. Therefore, four months after DiD introduction at the Tanween Festival, a DiD exhibition has opened to the public at Ithra last February 23rd 2020.

For this exhibition 14 blind and low vision persons from Saudi Arabia were trained by the DSE Master Guides. We were energized by the great visually impaired trainees we have met in Dammam, all of them smart and determined persons. The Saudi blind guides, among age 20 to 40, have great personal stories to share with visitors and are eager to change the mindset towards disability in the Saudi society.

It is estimated that there are about one million Saudis who live with visual impairment. Ithra hosts DiD to become a platform where the sighted population can connect with the local visually impaired community. The extraordinary journey through the pitch dark 3-zones exhibition is an experience which will challenge the senses of the visitors meanwhile introducing the general public to an unforgettable and touching inclusion and empathy experience.

Besides the 60-minutes tour in the dark, the visitors to the DiD at Ithra can spend enjoyable time at the lobby where sensorial and educative interactive activities are available. Hosted by a warm friendly staff, visitors are challenged to create shapes while blindfolded, puzzle out the identity of unseen objects through touch, try their skills at identifying sounds, and use a braille typing machine to write their own messages. In addition, visitors can find useful interesting information about blindness and visual impairment in Saudi Arabia as well as accessibility tips throughout the lobby.

This DiD exhibition in Saudi Arabia is a temporary one, from February 23th to May 1st, 2020. Check their website and if you are in Dammam, make sure to pay a visit to Ithra and Dialogue in the Dark!

We want to thank Ithra and its supporters for hosting DiD again. We are happy to partner with an organization which is accelerating the potential and inspiring the minds of the current and future Saudi society!