Dialogue in the Dark India: "4 Senses Challenge"

DiD India challenges corporates on 4 levels, and through a whole new business workshop layout.

DiD India Business Workshops Participants

Dialogue in the Dark India has developed an especial experience  for sensitivizing companies to the job inclusion of persons with disability (PwD). This experience is called “4 Senses Challenge”.

The experience was designed for Tata Steel and it took place last April on the company’s campus in Kolkata and Jamshedpur. This 60-minutes format is designed for those clients who either cannot spend much time as a workshop requires, or are constrainted with large audience and/or limited budgets.

Our partner in India, Krishnan, was invited by Tata Steel to speak about his experience on training and job including people with disability. After that experience,  Krishnan suggested Tata Steel to go through the experiential session in the dark. The aim of the dark experience is for Tata Steel employees to develop a realistic appreciation for the skills of people with disability and a real and sensible understanding of the limitations faced by PwD.

The experienced is enriched by remaining 4 senses. How? Blind facilitators were in charge of guiding participants through different tasks which involved smell, touch, taste and hearing. At the end of the session in the dark, the  lights were turned on and the visually impaired facilitators started a Dialogue and Q&A session on disability, job inclusion experiences and hiring employees with disability.

You can check the participants’ feedback by clicking on this external YouTube video here.

We thank our partners in India for the information provided and their constant efforts to develop DiD experiences. Job inclusion and diversity is a big worldwide topic in the business field, DiD has something to contribute to it,  and we at DSE are convinced that the focus of DiD will intensively resolve around these topics in the future.