Dialogue in the Dark Exhibition in Monterrey Has Closed

Wonderful 14 months of journey! Personal reflection, written by Pepe Macias.

Monterrey Team Photo

The exhibition of Dialogue in the Dark in Monterrey Mexico has closed on February 10th, after 14 months of operation. It is hard to write about it, since I was the one managing that exhibition. I still have shaky emotions when thinking of it.

I would like to share, however, two reflections.

On one hand,this is really mission accomplished: DiD guide was my first job 13 years ago, and since that moment onward, I began building professional career. Ten years later, I finally managed, supported by wonderful people, to set up a second exhibition in my city. By doing so, I created 12 jobs for people with visual disabilities and welcomed numerous visitors in the dark. This project meant personally to me a way of giving back.

On the other hand, I think we achieved an interesting social entrepreneurial approach. When we started planning this exhibition, we entertained usual funding possibilities in order to keep it going. It is well known that the DiD exhibition is not a standard for profit-only exhibition. Another classical business approach, besides donations model, is taking upon high risk investment or that type of investment wherein the return is not sure to come back at all.

In 2017 we were not successful on funding. We were about to give up the dream of the DiD exhibition. And it was the moment when we could think out of the box and decided to approach the museums and try to rent our service as any other exhibitions provider.

And then we found Planetario Alfa and our relationship worked pretty well.We did not have to a single dollar from our pocket. They rented our service, instead. This museum saw the value in our offer. They were eager on hosting an innovative exhibition which promotes inclusion, collaborating with the museum on original terms.

Originally, the exhibition was hired for 8 months and it was prolonged for 6 more. And besides numbers (14 months of operation, 12 jobs for people with visual disability and 40,000 visitors), there are incredible stories of  praise from visitors and persons around the project, as their emotions were as sincerely sensible as ours.

We closed the exhibition on February 10th,  with the last tour at 6:00 pm. We ended with some sadness in our hearts. We are however immensiley grateful to Planetario Alfa and all our visitors. And we are proud of our meaningful jobs.

Let me say it once more: mission accomplished!