Dialogue in the Dark 23rd International Meeting

Seoul was our dark meeting point in 2019 to get together for the 23rd time. Our South Korean hosts warmly welcome DiD people from more than 10 countries and created an unforgettable meeting for us.

group photo of all participants of 2019 IM standing in front of Dialogue venue in Seoul

Visiting Seoul was very special for many of us. The Dialogue in the Dark exhibition in Seoul has been one of the most visited DiD exhibitions in the world over the last years. In addition, it is one of the few DiD hubs with a blind CEO and founder.

The weather was chilly and we arrived at the DiD Seoul venue which is elegant and cozy. We took the elevator and got to the second floor where a soft relaxing music came to us as soon as we stepped in. We got the instructions to embark in our tour in the dark. We were accompanied by a translator who was our support to interact with the blind guide during the tour. There we discovered a great scenography in the dark which has been carefully designed to use and really explore the remaining senses. The blind guide and bartender that we met were really nice and interactive. We truly enjoyed our tour in the dark and understood why this exhibition is one of the most visited in the world.

The meeting opened up with a welcome cocktail where Mr. Song (CEO of Dialogue in the Dark Seoul) and Dr. Andreas Heinecke (CEO of Dialogue Social Enterprise) welcomed the international partners with powerful speeches. Some blind guides from Seoul offered their artistic talents with some live music and singing.

Two days of intensive exchanges, presentations, workshops and sharings were the heart of this meeting. There was the opportunity to share with partners some of the new services within the Dialogue in the Dark frame as the pre and post tour activities conducted in Hamburg to deepen the impact on visitors, the smart in the dark tour which includes the use of smartphones and accessible technology in the dark and the discovery tour which is a challenging adventurous tour for visitors who want to explore the dark exhibition with more freedom.

Our hosts prepared also a touristic program for us and our visit included some traditional South Korean activities like the Korean barbecue restaurant, a walk-through Seoul by night, a visit to the secret garden palace and the N Seoul Tower.

This 23rd meeting was intimate with enough space to dialogue and exchange ideas. It is clear that some partners have grown a lot and are mature enough to add value to the general concept of Dialogue in the Dark by new services, new business models or by helping to expand the brand to their nearby regions.

Our feeling is that the power and the significance of Dialogue in the Dark has grown beyond its creator or its headquarter organization. The challenge is now to build more cohesion within our network to challenge our own organizational assumptions, adapt the DiD concept to the actual needs of societies, develop more services and models to help us being sustainable and grow, meanwhile respecting always our values and core message.

Therefore, dark exciting time is to come for Dialogue in the Dark in the world!