Dialogue Impact Results 2018 – Key Figures & Innovations

When a year has passed, we begin a massive task: collecting and processing the impact results of the Dialogue experiences around the world.

Overview of visitor development

Graph showing the rising visitor trend of Dialogue exhibitions.

It is a huge effort in terms of administrative and communication work for the DSE team in charge and also for our partners, who are the collectors of this valuable information.

To honor this hard but great job, we want to share with you a little summary of our results in 2018 and show you why we are so proud of our Dialogue network!

The mission of Dialogue Social Enterprise is to facilitate social inclusion of disabled, disadvantaged and elderly people on a global basis. For this, we have two main goals. First, to raise awareness of the contribution to society of people with disabilities and elderly people, leading to an inclusive behavior. And second, to improve the social economic condition of people with disabilities, especially blind, visually and hearing-impaired people.

To achieve these goals we operate exhibitions, workshops and events worldwide through our powerful network of local partners. In 2018, the Dialogue experiences reached 784 393 persons in 37 Dialogue sites operating actively worldwide.

4 new exhibitions hubs opened in 2018: DiD in Kuala Lumpur, DiD in Trier, DwT in Hamburg and DwT in Sao Paulo.

Visitors to the Dialogue experiences in 2018 increased 14% in comparison to 2017. One of the factors which caused the increase in exhibition visitors was the innovation on events.

Some examples of these innovations are: Concert in the Dark, Breakfast tours (tour with a brunch in the Dark on Saturday morning), Long Night of the Museums, Coffee in the Dark, Race in the Dark (like treasure hunt), Birthday party in the Dark, City festival. Appetizer in the Dark, Monster Festival, Mini format of the exhibition outdoors, Drinking Chinese Tea in the Dark, Theatre in the Dark, Empathy Challenge, Dating in the dark, Blind Passagier, Haptik Award, Invisible Friend Diploma, Szenenwechsel im Museumsraum, Recitation in the Dark, Discovery-Tour, Agent training, and many more.

Below three detailed examples of innovative events:

  • The night of culture: in 2018 DiD Vilnius has actively participated in the night of culture city festival for which they organized a special exhibition and program in the dark: Photographs of the guides were taken and displayed outside. The photographer also printed tactile photographs. The visitor could touch & feel a portrait and had to guess which guide it was.
  • Arte da toccare: DiD Genova took part, together with other local partners, into a program called Arte da toccare (“The Art of touching”). A 3D exhibition which allowed to touch and feel details from different master pieces exposed at the Real Palace Museum. The visit of DiD was included into the whole program of this event.
  • Concert in the Dark as collaboration among partners: In October 2018, DiD Malaysia organized a Concert in the Dark and invited amazing performers from DiD Taiwan who have set a successful performance in the dark in place. This musical performance in the dark, "a journey following the sound”, highlighted some of the DiD values meanwhile touching emotions and memories of the participants. They had 5 performances. Each of them lasted about 120 minutes and received around 150 visitors.

Besides the transformative experience for visitors in the Dialogue exhibitions, another important part of our outcome is the professional context which empowers the blind, deaf or senior guides. 

Concerning employment for the disadvantaged, in 2018, 977 facilitators were employed by the Dialogue network around the world: 215 volunteers, 500 visually impaired, 72 hearing impaired and 101 seniors over 70 years. We welcomed 140 newly trained blind, deaf and senior guides or facilitators. In total, 673 collaborators with disabilities or over 70 years were part of our collaborators worldwide.

This entry will be continued with information about some awards won by our Dialogue partners and amazing stories of change.

For more information, you can read our public social impact report of 2018 here.