Dialogue Impact Result 2018 - Highlights and Stories of Change

After highlighting our visitor numbers, we would like to show you the even deeper impact our Dialogues have.

Dalai Lama shaking hands of Orna Cohen


In the last blogpost, we shared with you some key figures of the Dialogue network performance as well as some innovations in 2018. In this second part, we want to share with you some organizational highlights and stories of change.

There were some international organizational highlights which made our mission and our work more visible in 2018. One highlight was the DSE visit to Dalai Lama Summit in October 2018 where as part of the selected group who met His Holiness Dalai Lama, we explored together how to foster universal ethics and compassion through museums. In November we met with 29 DiD leaders from 12 countries at the 22nd Dialogue in the Dark International meeting in Vienna to share the best-of of the Dialogue Family around the world, discuss and work on the future of Dialogue in the Dark. IN addition, the article Dialogue Exhibitions, Putting Transformative Learning Theory into Practice, by Andreas Heinecke and Orna Cohen from DSE, published in the prestigious Curator, The Museum Journal, was one of the journal's top downloaded 2018 papers!

Locally, seven of our partners have won a series of awards in 2018 and which reflect OUR PARTNERS work and the recognition from other organizations to the Dialogue impact. Some examples are:

  • Running in the Dark program from DiD Shanghai won the Grand prize for "Sports for good" sponsored by Deutsche Bank.
  • DiD Hyderabad was the regional Winner of Spirit of Humanity Awards.
  • DiD Chennai won the best Socially Relevant Brand & Innovative Concept 2018 by Express Avenue Mall & Best Themed Restaurant By Aval Vikadan Leading Tamil Magazine.
  • DiD Istanbul won the digital Impact Award-Gold Award (Turkcell) & TİDE Farkındalık Ödülü.

The goal of Dialogue Exhibitions is to build cohesion among visitors and to close the gap between different groups of our society. For this, our exhibitions provide a platform for debate, dialogue, understanding the beauty of diversity, and necessity of inclusion. We can tell you very honestly that beyond numbers, events and awards, what feeds our spirits are the stories of change. Those are the situations where we can see our job transformed into new mindsets and behaviors. Below some examples of stories of social change:

  • DiS Istanbul: Dialogue Café –a deaf Barista: “At first, the visitors are afraid to speak with sign language because of the fear of doing something ‘wrong’; but our deaf guide encourages the person to speak in sign language. Then, a dialogue begins. Emre, the barista, reflects: ‘One day, a visitor came to the cafe and spoke to me. I showed him my deaf card. He looked at me in surprise and then tried to explain something with exaggerated movements. I figured he wanted to drink coffee, but which coffee? Then I showed the menu, he pointed to the coffee he wanted. Firstly, I taught him the sign language of coffee then he imitated me. We were both very happy.”
  • DwT Holon: An entire family volunteering in a nursing home! “One of the families who came for a visit at “Dialogue with time" -Israel, exhibition, told us that they were so impressed and moved by the tour, that they decided to volunteer in a nursing home for elderly people. The most amazing thing is that every member of the family chose a special day during the week for volunteering. One of the children's said: "there's more to life than just T.V and games. I'm having so much fun with my new grandmother and grandfather. They tell me interesting stories that I never heard before."
  • DiD Monterrey: a great example of job inclusion when, after the closing of the exhibition, 2 guides were hired by visitors who had a tour with them and offered them jobs to continue their professional careers.

To read the complete version of the public impact result 2018 click here..

It was a great 2018 for the Dialogue network in the world. It is so encouraging to see all figures, successes and stories of change. Getting our mission accomplished is the best award for us at DSE. But of course, still much more empathy, inclusion and equality are needed in all societies. Therefore, there is still a lot to do for us. Thank you very much if you are part of the Dialogue family as partner or visitor! Together we create a more inclusive community. Join the Dialogue!