Dialog auf Distanz: Dialogue Online Workshop from Frankfurt

As part of the adaptive strategies to the new normal, the Dialog Museum Frankfurt has piloted its first Dialogue Online Workshop a few days ago.

The flyer of the Dialog Museum advertising for their new online workshop
The flyer of the new workshop presenting the objectives and experts.

It is called "Dialog auf Distanz" (Dialogue in Distance) and it helps teams to communicate closely and efficiently even when working remotely and under challenging circumstances.

A brilliant promising future for the Dialog Museum Frankfurt was abruptly shut off by the pandemic. Only some weeks before the awaited opening of the new venue Covid-19 occurred.  

In the mid of the second wave in Europe with more lockdowns and restrictions, the Dialog Museum has activated some resilient emergency strategies.

Below an interview with Klara Kletzka, founder of the Dialogue Museum Frankfurt.

Klara, what is the current vision of the Dialog Museum in Frankfurt in the mid of this pandemic?

“Hopefully we are able to open in springtime 2021. We believe it could be a good moment to slowly start. We will in any case need some time to find our routines in a completely new exhibition and a new location. In our case this exhibition is not a restart but an opening.”

We know you conducted a first trial of a digital workshop few days ago. What is the role of digital workshops for DiD Frankfurt’s future strategic plans?

“I believe that there is a necessity to vary our portfolio for the future and to find and combine digital learning tools with our sensorial experiences. I mean workshops for pre and post activities that can start at home or at school to prepare or to deepen the experience after dark. The big lesson from this pandemic is that we have to be more flexible.”

How did you decide to develop a digital workshop?

“The decision to develop a workshop was inspired by your "7 tips to walk in the dark" article, Pepe...  we could apply for public money to develop it and  we started the work.
In these days we all had to learn to keep distance and of course the main question was: is there any expertise that the society and corporate world can benefit from and that is unique? And especially for guiding on remote and crisis management we have some expertise that we can offer. "Dialogue in Distance" is our digital answer.”

And what was the feedback for this first trial?

“The trial was launched successfully. 14 participants were quickly recruited by Common Purpose. 100% would recommend the workshop, 91% rated the concept as very clear and evident, 66% believe that the workshop has an impact on resilience and 83 % said that the workshop is helpful to learn to communicate without prejudice. Technical wise 100% liked the timeline (4 hours) as well as the different interactive methods.”

What is your idea of the future of digital workshops for DiD Frankfurt?

“Now we hope to find teams that will pay for it. The idea is to use our partner-networks as super spreader...”


For further information concerning the "Dialog auf Distanz"-Workshop, please download the flyer here.

By Pepe Macías