Breath of Hope

Last October 26th 2018, Dialogue in the Dark Singapore presented the concert in the dark in its 6th edition. This time under the inspiring title “Breath of Hope.”

The concert took place at the Music Box in the Ngee and Polytechnic and 380 visitors attended and enjoyed this unique experience.

Concert in the Dark 2018, Breath of Hope, is a special rendition where guests are brought through a musical journey. The concert started in complete darkness and build up towards performances in the light.

The lineup of artists performing in the dark was very rich and eclectic: Kelvin Tan – the first visually impaired person to win a singing competition in Asia, Mashruddin and Nizaruddin – the busking duo of father and son playing guitar and Cajun. Also 6 visually impaired guides from DiD Singapore performed in the dark.

The concert cumulated in a special finale, with all artists performing with the MINDS Super Trouper Choir; this choir featured intellectual-disabled children from the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS).

One word from guests summarized the show: Amazing. There was a standing ovation given to the artists and everyone was simply amazed at their talents and possibilities.

Thanks to the audience who attended and to the great and creative team of DiD Singapore that made it possible for the 6th time!