A Dark Christmas Present from Trier

A great way to end 2018: new Dialogue in the Dark has been opened on December 1st in Trier!


As we told you some weeks ago, preparations were going on in this historical city to host this exhibition at the unique venue of St. Paulus' church for almost a year.

Unlike the rest of the DiD venues, this production was executed and operated by the DSE team via the Dialog im Dunkeln Association. Inspired by the invitation of the Nikolaus Koch Foundation wishing to  bring a great social impact event to the city of Trier, DSE decided to change its usual working scheme.

The Nikolaus Koch Foundation is the second biggest sponsor of this exhibition. In addition, to find the rest of the needed funding’s to  make this production happen, the Dialog im Dunkeln Association was supported by the state of Rheinland-Pfalz as the biggest sponsor and Globus Foundation.

A management team has been empowered locally and 11 blind guides are working at this cozy and high quality 3-rooms DiD exhibition which is expected to be open at least until the end of July 2019.

So, besides enjoying the roman historical charme of Trier, enjoy also  the rich human encounter and unique experience proposed by DiD and  join us on our newest journey towards building empathetic societies!

 Get tickets and all needed information about DiD Trier here