7 Years in the Dark

Group of the whole team with facilitators, Ambition staff and constructors

This year we completed 7 years conducting Dialogue in the Dark workshops for the Ambition Institute in the UK. Throughout the years, thousands of participants have gone through the dark to learn more about themselves and reflect how they can transform their educational sector. 

We have accompanied the organization in their annual residential programs since it was called Teaching Leaders. The organization then became Ambition School leadership which for this year 2019 merged with the Institute for Teaching and become the Ambition Institute. This new organization is dedicated to supporting educators at all levels serving children from disadvantaged background to keep getting better. The long cooperation with the Ambition Institute became a learning and educational positive ritual for our blind European facilitators team that meets at least once a year in the UK for this learning journey. The participants to the residential come from all across the country and have earn their place through an intensive selection process. These middle leaders represent some of the most disadvantaged schools from England coming from those areas where the educational challenge is the greatest.

Last August 10 blind facilitators and 2 project managers from Germany, UK, Ireland, France and Italy met again in Warwick University. 4 sessions in the dark were offered for 118 participants.    

The workshops in the dark aim to take these middle leaders through a personal transformative learning journey. Some stops in this journey are skills which can be experientially transferred into the daily skillset of the leaders: dealing with uncomfortable emotions, cooperation, resilience, human connection and many more.

The feedback has been amazing. Leaders have identified so many different outcomes to be implemented at their job. Therefore, we thank a lot all participants and the Ambition Institute for trusting in Dialogue in the Dark for 7 years as an experiential transformative tool. And we wish always the best to the institute and its educational objectives!