22nd Dialogue in the Dark International Meeting

The 22nd edition of the international meeting of DiD took place in Vienna from November 14th to 17th at the Impact Hub Vienna.


Being back in Vienna was very dear to our hearts. After all, Austria was the first Dialogue in the Dark venue out of Germany - it is a place where our international world too off. The international path of DiD started in Salzburg in 1992: 26 years later, we are back to celebrate together with all our international partners.

The goal of this meeting was to strengthen our partners’ international network. We were provided with creative space in which we were enabled to to share and learn from each other and to rethink Dialogue in the Dark at present. And all that in Vienna - a beautiful city with plentiful cultural and social activities to offer. 

15 DiD venues and 36 participants attended this meeting. The event started with dark tours at the DiD exhibition local venue. After that, we had our welcome cocktail served by a local social enterprise which is formed by refugees. A funny icebreaker happened when we asked all our international guests to arrange themselves in the room according to the travelling hours they did to get to Vienna! From 24 hours (Australia) to less than one hours (Vienna) was the spectrum!

We had then two full working days at the Impact Hub Vienna with 4 workshops for our partners. First workshop was an opportunity to meet all partners again and get all on board in this international encounter, sharing hopes and fears for this 22nd International Meeting and getting to know better each other business and vision (scottish dance helped!).

Second workshop gave some of the partners the opportunity to present and shared their innovations on how to engage with visitors through social media and sales force, innovations in workshops, inclusive activities for blind and deaf guides, restructuration and more.

Third workshop focused on fundraising and was especially stimulating. A specialist consultant presented what is important to take into consideration to write good proposals to different kind of potential donors: foundations, private enterprises, etc. Then, as a practical exercise, partners were asked to present a fundraising proposal targeted to a certain donor. Winners were given a bottle of champagne to celebrate! This workshop also allows participants to bring good ideas for future proposal.

During the fourth workshop, DSE presented and discussed with the partners in small groups the global impact results in 2017, the visitors survey conducted in Hamburg last year and which gave a lot of valuable feedback, a discussion of the digitalization of DiD and the DiD modular exhibition

Of course there was leisure time for partners who visited the sound museum, had dinner at the Vollpension – social business, and did the Shade tours – a Vienna tour guided by a homeless person.

It was a very productive and enjoyable time to spend together with those who make the Dialogue possible in the world. Big ideas were discussed and we are back to our countries determined to take the Dialogue forward into current and future time. We thank a lot all the attendees and we missed a lot those who could not make it!

One thing left to be said: be prepared for more Dialogue!