Curiosity: A door to inclusion

Photo of a smiling, little girl peeking out of behind her mother.

Inclusion is a room where we meet to dialogue and create equitable living. This room has two main doors, one where those who want to include others enter, another where those who want to be included...

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The Inclusive Heart Workshop

During the workshop terms the participants connected to inclusion were collected via Mentimeter and shown as a word cloud

This new Dialogue workshop is one developed by the venue in Mexico. The core of the workshop is to set the personal internal conditions for inclusion.

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Sharing to keep the Dialogue going

Screenshot of the participants on the Zoom screen during the Online workshop hosted by DD Singapore

Most of the Dialogue in the Dark venues remain closed in the world. The future of our organization is uncertain since the physical dark, our platform for encounters between sighted visitors and blind...

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Building capacities for digital inclusion

Scrennshot of the Zoom screen showing the participants of the online facilitator training.

One of the global most relevant achievements of Dialogue in the Dark over 32 years is providing jobs for the visually impaired persons. This achievement is now devastated by the pandemic.

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Dialogue Online Milan

Facebook add for dialogue nel buio showing a yellow and black sketch of a man breaking through a wall.

Dialogue in the Dark in Milan has not reopened since the first lockdown in Italy. There was an attempt last October but the second wave of the pandemic throw over the reopening plans.

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