Business Model

Dialogue Social Enterprise has established one of the first social franchise models worldwide. Dialogue businesses are run in more than 30 countries and are based on three programs: Dialogue in the Dark, Dialogue in Silence, Dialogue with Time. Our franchise partners cover a broad spectrum of organizations such as private social investors, corporates, non-profit organizations, museums and universities. Dialogue Social Enterprise operates on two levels – as a social franchise business and as a provider of consulting services regarding the topics of diversity and inclusion.





Social Franchise: Dialogue Social Enterprise receives a license payment from business partners (franchisees) that operate exhibitions or facilitate workshops based on our programs. In order to assure that these worldwide businesses correspond to our high-quality standards and are compliant with our internal codes of conduct, the license payments include consultation and implementation services by the worldwide operating DSE team.

Consulting Services: Dialogue Social Enterprise teams set up and facilitate business workshops for corporates on a global scale that focus on the topics of diversity and inclusion. Furthermore profound expertise and knowledge of DSE is frequently requested by organizations like museums and science centers to develop new concepts for exhibitions that link to the three DSE programs.