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Dialogue in Silence - Moving beyond Speech

Dialogue in Silence is operated as  exhibition, workshop or event which invite visitors into a completely different world, a world of silence. Stripped of the spoken word, other forms of expression are used to communicate here and language must be made visible rather than audible in order to be understood. Deaf people guide the visitors in small groups through the exhibition, which is totally soundproof. A reversal of roles is created: people with hearing lose their usual routines of articulating themselves and must discover a new repertoire of non-verbal expression in order to communicate creatively through mime, gesture and body language. Deaf people, who by virtue of their experience with sign language are more competent, support the process and become ambassadors of a world without sound, which is in no way poorer, simply different.

Participants of business workshops also experience this change of perspectives in individual settings. The workshops are conducted by hearing impaired trainers.

For further information, please visit the Dialogue in Silence international website.