• Dialogue in the Dark
  • Dialogue in Silence
  • Dialogue with Time


Dialogue Social Enterprise empowers marginalized people and transforms the general public perception of disabled people from one of “helpless” to “able”. We do create platforms, which break down the barriers between “us” and “them” through creative means. Three programs have been established which include exhibitions and business workshops:

Dialogue in the Dark invites visitors to explore the unseen in a pitch-dark exhibition. The public is lead by blind people, resulting in a complete role reversal for both parties.

Dialogue in Silence participants wear headphones which similate the conditions of being deaf. The immersion into a completely silent world forces participants to rely on their deaf guides to communicate, using body language and other alternative methods without sound.

Dialogue with Time is an exhibition about the art of aging. Visitors learn to see aging from a new perspective and enter into a profound exchange with seniors from the age of 70 years and up.