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  • 16. December 2015

    We are proud to announce our first Asian production of Dialogue with Time in Taiwan, with the Active Aging Association as our local partner. The opening of the exhibition is planned for March 2016 at the National Taiwan Education Science Center in Taipei.

  • 11. December 2015

    Another Diálogo no Escuro will come to Rio de Janeiro! Our partners Calina Projetos plan the opening for end of Janury - more details to follow soon.

  • 2. December 2015

    Dialog mit der Zeit, our German Dialogue with Time exhibition, opened in Bern on November 15. Follow the Swiss media coverage in our news section.

  • 1. December 2015

    Andreas gave an interview to - about 30 years of Darkbusiness and social entrepreneurship.

  • 26. October 2015

    Our Dialogue in the Dark experiential learning team Gideon, Dani, Timo and Volker conduct a series of Dialogue workshops, walk in sessions and a Dialog Café at the Global Social Business Summit 2015. 


  • 21. October 2015

    Andreas held a keynote speech at the WHO conference on the topic of Aging in Kobe on October 7. With him on stage for the discussion with the audience was Gertrud Rosemann, the youngest and oldest of the senior guides of Dialog mit der Zeit exhibition, Germany.

  • 3. September 2015

    Selection of the deaf guides for the new Dialogue in Silence Exhibition is happening!

  • 3. September 2015

    Our director of dark operations, Daniela, is in Bulgaria for the project "Dialogue in the dark - model for transparency and overcoming social inequalities”. The project is a partnership with Federation Sport for People with Visual Impairments in Bulgaria. Daniela is conducting training sessions with blind candidates as part of a selection process. The most able participants will be chosen as facilitators to run eight public Dialogues in the Dark in 4 cities across Bulgaria.

  • 3. September 2015

    Andreas will be at #G20YEATurkey, between September 7-9! 

  • 21. August 2015

    News Mix August 21: Andreas Heinecke speaks at the Amani Institut in Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo welcomes the new exhibition Diálogo no Escuro, Moscow is offering Dark Workshops for a Moscow Inclusion project.

  • 14. August 2015

    Our cooperation project in Rwanda with NUDOR, GIZ and CBM e.V. - enabling the local Dialogue in the Dark Rwanda team to conduct workshops independently - went into the next phase. They did their first 20 workshops on their own, with more than 350 participants in Kigali, Rwanda. 

  • 14. August 2015

    Andreas will speak in Brazil for BMW Foundation, about Responsible Leadership in Sao Paolo, and in Rio de Janeiro about Diversity and Social Inclusion. Seats are linmited, registraion via the online links.

  • 28. July 2015

    Dialogue Social Enterprise welcomes a new Dialogue in the Dark network partner! The Diálogo no Escuro exhibition in São Paulo will be opening on August 22nd.

  • 8. July 2015

    At the 2015 Enactus Germany National Competition in Mannheim nearly 650 supporters – students, alumni, faculty, and executives – came together at the University of Mannheim for two days of competition, collaboration and celebration. Attendees had the opportunity to hear from social entrepreneur Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinecke, who shared his fascinating story and how his background and experiences led him to start ‘Dialogue in the Dark’, a global organization driven by the mission to facilitate social inclusion of disabled, disadvantaged and elderly people.

  • 3. July 2015

    With 16, tennis player Tanvi Dange attended the exhibit “Dialogue in the Dark" when the idea to start a tennis training program for the blind and visually impaired struck her. Read all about the unusual training program here.

  • 1. July 2015

    37 former Senior Guides from the Frankfurt exhibition DIALOG MIT DER ZEIT were so inspired by their work with visitors and their communication with all generations that they have created an association called DIALOG MIT SENIOREN - Dialogue with Seniors.

  • 27. May 2015 published a very interesting article (in German) about demographic change and the often discussed work-life-balance particularly for younger generations. The article relates to the exhibition DIALOG MIT DER ZEIT and how it's objectives and the speech of the Federal President at the opening kickstarted a discussion about a complex topic going far beyond a different perspective about aging. was established in 1946 as a weekly paper, bought in 2008 by Jacob Augstein and awarded in 2010 as one of the three "World's Best Designed Newspapers".

  • 21. May 2015

    Our Dialogue in Silence International website is receiving some lifting - still finalizing a few touches ..

  • 19. May 2015

    We would like to thank the Gallaudet University for their great contribution to the success of our in Silence workshops in Washington! Hector Reynoso, a graduate of the university was a great workshop facilitator and Thomas Baldridge, Professor at Gallaudet, did a wonderful job with the debriefing. The next day our team visited the Gallaudet University and was given a campus tour by Thomas Baldridge himself. The Gallaudet University is the first international university worldwide for hearing impaired people only, with especially tailored courses. Curious to read more about this unique university and its programs? follow this link.

  • 18. May 2015

    Great news from Malaysia and for our partners in Malaysia! The prime minister of Malaysia has unveiled a three-year strategic roadmap for developing a social enterprise ecosystem for Malaysia. It is called the Malaysian Social Enterprise Blueprint 2015-2018. In Dialogue in the Dark in Malaysia is recognized as one of the pioneer organizations in the recent development of the social entrepreneurial ecosystem in Malaysia.

  • 15. May 2015

    Bem-vindo to our new partners in Brazil! Diálogo no Escuro, our latest Dialogue in the Dark exhibition in Sao Paolo will open on August 18! The new exhibition is realized with Calina Projetos, a group focusing on projects and exhibitions with high cultural and social impact. More infos to follow soon here.

  • 6. May 2015

    We are delighted to be back in the US with Dialog in the Dark at the Newseum in Washington! With a specially designed session for colleagues from Museums and Science Centers we present this hands, heart and mind-on program for partner organizations who are interested to host Dialog in the Dark, either as a sensory walk-through exhibition or an educational program to promote diversity and inclusion. For more info, contact us at info at

  • 29. April 2015

    Dialogue in Silence and Dialogue in the Dark will be at the Ashoka Future Forum in Washington from May 12 to May 15. The facilitator teams will come from Hamburg, Atlanta, San Francisco and Monterrey.

  • 27. April 2015

    ADD YOUR VOTE about INCLUSION in the NEW UN AGENDA FOR Global Development! In September 2015, the UN will decide about the new Agenda for Global Development (also called Post-2015-Agenda). This agenda follows the Millennium Development Goals Agenda from 2000 and will set the new frameworks for all UN Member states on topics like poverty, hunger, inclusion, diversity and sustainability. Germany’s CBM, Christoffel-Blindenmission Foundation is running an online campaign to collect votes for the German Government to push the topic inclusion as a major focus in this new 2015 Agenda. The German Ministry of Development promised to focus on issues such as equal chances for people with disability in the labour market and inclusion of people with disability in public policy making. Read about the CBM campaign for inclusion (in German) and VOTE HERE

  • 8. April 2015

    First DIALOG MIT DER ZEIT press clippings TagesspiegelDie - Kölner Stadtanzeiger  - Süddeutsche Zeitung

  • 8. April 2015

    The opening of the German exhibition DIALOG MIT DER ZEIT in Berlin was a great success! And the speech of the Federal President Joachim Gauck attracted a wide media coverage.

  • 18. March 2015

    Dialogue Social Enterprise​ currently supports NUDOR and the Rwandan Dialogue team with trainings on communication skills and team building within the Economic, Development and Employment Program of GIZ Rwanda. Three days of training for the Rwandan facilitators have been completed successfully and a series of workshops to deepen the know how will follow. Dialogue in the Dark Rwanda will then conduct their first workshops on their own until the 25th of March. Congratulations to the Rwandan facilitators and the DSE team!

  • 12. March 2015

    Dialogue Social Enterprise is looking for a Finance Manager. More info here

  • 30. January 2015

    One of the world’s more prominent exhibition design firms, JackRouse Associates, conceive, visualize and realize unique audience experiences around the globe. Their latest blog also presents DIALOGUE WITH TIME as new exhibition method which is breaking down social barriers for children and adults alike. A Great Read!


  • 30. January 2015

    Manila Standard Today published an article about the work of Ashoka fellows in the Philippines and the introduction of Dialogue in the Dark to the Philippines in 2013.

  • 23. January 2015

    Dialogue Social Enterprise will be part of the Ashoka Future Forum in Washington DC, May 2015 with Dialogue in the Dark and Dialogue in Silence workshops. Stay tuned for more details on fb.


  • 23. January 2015

    Dialogue in the Dark in India is helping to set new standards in both the public and educational sector! Our Dialogue in the Dark partners in Hyderabad have not only opened 2 more venues in Chennai and Bengaluru but also succeeded to install a new programm of inclusion for public schools. DESI, Diversity Education for School Inclusion, is a program with a special educational focus and the objective to establish a better understanding about diversity within the next Indian generation. 

  • 20. January 2015

    We are happy to welcome and announce our new partner DialogueMakers in Ahmedabad, India! DialogueMakers offers a unique tri-combination of Education, Training and Entertainment. They are dedicated to create an inclusive society for the ABLED community in India. Over the next five years DialogueMakers aim to create Plug & Play mobile Dialogue exhibitions, which would tour India to create Constructive Empathy.

  • 19. December 2014

    Orna Cohen was part of the development of a new exhibition format at the exploratorium, in San Francisco, called "Science of Sharing". It is a very interesting concept where the visitor learns about their own behaviour!


  • 19. December 2014

    Dialogue in the Dark trainings show positive reflection! An article by NUDOR (National Union of the disabilities' organizations of Rwanda) explains how perception regarding visual impairment in Rwanda has started to change due to the Dialogue week last October. NUDOR also shares its goal of establishing a DiD permanent center in this country.


  • 19. December 2014

    Germany's largest magazine about social entrepreneurship "enorm" published a great article about Andreas as social entrepreneur! This and more in our articles collection

  • 19. December 2014

    Out of the Comfort Zone into a Dialogue in the Dark business workshop and training! This article describes how Dialogue in the Dark is part of the latest developement in Russia in the area of HR personnel development and trainings - very interesting!

  • 13. November 2014

    The EMPATHEAST Forum in Bulgaria, Nov 14 - 16, themed «empathy driven social change and open education in Eastern Europe» will feature 15 social entrepreneurs from Europe sharing their thoughts, among them Daniela Dimitrova, Director of Dark Operations at Dialogue Social Enterprise in Hamburg! «From Empathy to Empowerment» is the topic she will talk about, sharing from her personal and professional experiences with Dialogue in the Dark - international. "The main objective of EMPATHEAST to put Bulgaria and the Balkans on the world map of social innovation and social entrepreneurship. As a region which deals with a dysfunctional political, economic and social system on a daily basis, the Balkans are a unique ground where social innovation can solve old challenges in a new way."

  • 13. November 2014

    Andreas Heinecke was invited to the Social Enterprise Summit 2014 in Hongkong. He talked about "Aging" in a focus session, leaving quite some impressions and impact with the companies, organisations and corporations participating in the conference. See the pictures on fb

  • 29. October 2014

    Here is a wonderful video about the first Dialogue in the Dark teambuilding workshop in Kigali with the newly trained local team of facilitators! Participants came partially from our partner organisations in Rwanda, as well as other institutions, the industry and the private sector. The video was produced by our partners in Rwanda, NUDOR, GIZ and CBM e.V.

  • 22. October 2014

    Orna Cohen, Chief Creative Officer and Partner of DSE, presented Dialogue in the Dark at the ASTC conference held this week in North Carolina at the Raleigh Convention Center. The Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) is a nonprofit organization of science centers and museums dedicated to furthering public engagement with science among increasingly diverse audiences worldwide. Orna's presentation raised a lot of interest from different American science centers. The ASTC committee asked her for an interview during which she talks about Dilaogue in the Dark and Dialogue with Time.

  • 21. October 2014

    The cooperation between National Union of Disablities' Organisations Rwanda (NUDOR) and Dialogue Social Enterprise supported by Cristoffel Blindenmission e.V. (CBM) and GIZ Eco Emploi Programme Rwanda enabled a truly unique project in a developing country: Dialogue in the Dark Rwanda has started with the training of a team in Kigali! Seven specially selected blind and visually impaired 'facilitators', two 'debriefers' and two 'project assistants' are being trained and learn how to facilitate 'Dialogue in the Dark' workshops in Rwanda for the first time ever. Over the last few days, they have learnt about the history of Dialogue in the Dark and how these workshops can get participants to work together, reflect about themselves and learn about their limits, strenghts as well as weaknesses. The first workshops are happening at the moment at the Umubano Hotel in Kigali where the team is putting everything they've learnt to practice. Dialogue Social Enterprise would like to thank their partners for their dedication and determination to install this project as a spring board and programme for inclusion and employment for persons with disabilities - for the first time ever in a developing country.

  • 9. October 2014

    Dialog im Stillen/Dialogue in Silence Hamburg celebrated its official opening ceremony on October 1st. Representatives of the Hamburg Senat, the Regional and Germany wide Hearing Impaired Organisations and of the HHLA, the company operating the Hamburg Port & Historic Speicherstadt areals; as well as Andreas Heinecke and Rona Meyendorf, the exhibition manager talked about the importance of this new Dialogue exhibition which fosters inclusion from yet another angle. The building in Hamburg's historic Speicherstadt, already hosting Dialogue in the Dark since 14 years, is now presenting another Dialogue program and milestone.

  • 9. October 2014

    Dialog mit der Zeit, the new local German exhibition of Dialogue with Time, has opened with a big ceremony on September 23, 2014 at the Frankfurter Museum für Kommunikation. Well received by the press and media, this interactive and innovative exhibition aims to promote understanding and dialogue about and between generations. It is especially interesting for school classes and those that find aging a sensitive topic to comprehend.

  • 9. October 2014

    The Rwandan Umbrella Organization of NGOs for Persons with Diabilities, NUDOR, in cooperation with Dialogue Social Enterprise and the “Christoffel Blindenmission” is introducing Dialogue in the Dark in Kigali under the umbrella of the GIZ-Eco-Emploi Program. Dialogue in the Dark, the awareness raising exhibition and innovative workshop concept in complete darkness also offers jobs for the blind and disadvantaged people. The overall objective of this unique cooperation in Rwanda is to build up local capacities for a locally operated Dialogue in the Dark in order to foster and promote economic and social participation in a developing country just newly emerging. The locally recruited and trained Dialogue in the Dark team will also be available for Rwandan Stakeholders beyond this cooperation.

  • 30. August 2014

    Longterm cooperation! 2014 is the 2nd year of our cooperation with Teaching Leaders, UK! Teaching Leaders’ vision of a better society is one where life chances are not predetermined by social class, nor shackled by educational disadvantage. As part of a weeklong residential program, Teaching Leaders offers once per year the experience of one Dialogue in the Dark and one Dialogue in Silence Workshop each to 400 teachers and middle leaders from UK. This years workshops were so successful that Teaching Leaders considers a longterm partnership by becoming one of Dialogie Social Enterprises franchisées for Dialogue in the Dark.

  • 30. August 2014

    Successfull Cooperation in Manila! Dialogue Social Enterprise partnered with AIM, the Asian Institute for Management. From August 1-6 in Manila, with Andreas Heinecke present, the objective was to mobilize stakeholders i.e. Students, Government and Industry (Corporate) by giving them an opportunity to experience the Dark Workshops. Dialogue Immersion week successfully saw the involvement of over 200 participants - Senator Bam Aquino also graced the occasion with his presence!



  • 30. August 2014

    Dialogue Social Enterprise has entered a partnership with CBM e.V. (Christoffel-Blindenmission) and NUDUR (National Union of Disabilities' Organizations of Rwanda) with the aim to establish Dialogue in the Dark in Kigali, Rwanda. The Kigali projectmanager, appointed by NUDOR, recently stayed at the Dialogue hub in Hamburg for pushing the project forward. Next step is a visit of the Dialogue Social Enterprise projectmanager with all partners involved in Kigali. On the agenda will be the research for the best location for the new Dialogue hub and meetings with potential local partners. Shortterm goal is a kickoff event in October this year with a series of workshops in Kigali. Longterm goal is to establish a Dialogue in the Dark hub for 2015 and beyond.

  • 24. October 2012

    Dialogue with Time raised international interest. Delegation from Hong Kong visited the exhibition at the Children’s Museum Holon October 23rd 2012.

  • 15. September 2012

    The exhibition Dialogue with Time opened at the Israeli Children’s Museum in Holon on August 1st , 2012. More text to follow.