Thanks Bangalore

by José Macías

It isn’t very nice to say goodbye. So we rather say: thanks so much Dialogue in the Dark Bangalore!

After more than 2 years of operation and more than 50,000 visitors, DiD Bangalore closed some days ago.

Exhibitions can’t continue being passive in today’s world. It is no longer about exhibiting objects. At present, exhibitions have the opportunity of being empathy and social cohesion catalysts.

Dialogue in the Dark Melbourne is a long-awaited exhibition by all of us in the Dialogue community. The launch of DiD in Australia means finally our dark presence in the fifth continents!

I have attended 6 or 7 Dialogue in the Dark (DiD) international meetings in the last 10 years, where many Dialogue-related topics have been discussed, but a specific one reappeared over and over again: how can we foster an exchange of talents within our international network?

After 2 years of Dialog in the Dark absence in the USA, we were back last February 7th in the big apple.