What does darkness mean to you?

That was the starting phrase of my #TedTalk last November. It was one of the most rewording professional experiences for me. I was invited to deliver a TEDx Talk in Monterrey Mexico.

I usually watch Ted Talks on YouTube, so being one of the speakers was incredible. Furthermore, I was happy to take my Dialogue out of the dark and be one more visually impaired person who goes on the Ted stage and delivers a talk as any other person.

You can watch my TEDx Talk here. I am sorry but it is only in Spanish. However, in this entry I will share with you the heart of it.

Over the years we have discovered that the Dialogue in the Dark impact and the talent of our partners can influence even beyond the dark.

Dörte Maack is one of the persons who comes to the mind of the Dialogue in the Dark family when we think of the DiD pillars. Together with Daniela Dimitrova, Dörte is one of the blind collaborators who has built and constantly enhance the DiD concept.

Submitted by Daniela Dimitrova, DSE Director of Dark Operations

“Hello, who are you?” Is one of the many questions we receive when we are guiding and I heard it again from a deep voice from a tall gentleman in the dark bar of the Dialogue in the Dark exhibition in Hamburg in September of 2002.

I answered that I am Daniela and that I am a guide and since I was sure that it is nobody from the guides, neither from my group I asked him the same.

The answer was: I am Hans Meister and I built this exhibition. Now I am back, working here as a Facility Manager.

Very often we show up the number of cities in the world where Dialogue in the Dark has been presented in almost 30 years. More than 150 cities, more than 45 countries and 5 continents.