In our Dialogue exhibitions we have visually impaired, hearing impaired and senior persons working as guides and facilitators. They experientially educate our visitors to diversity, inclusion, empathy and open mind.

By Daniela Dimitrova, DSE Director of Dark Operations
“How about more profound work with youth? Especially with such that have not the luck to have an easy life? Labeled nowadays as disadvantaged youth…” asked Andreas Heinecke last winter…. And driven by my impulse I told him that I would like to be involved.

By Savka Katsarska

My name is Safka and I am from Bulgaria. I was trained as DiD facilitator by Daniela Dimitrova some time ago. I have facilitated some workshop events in my own country. This is my second time to facilitate a DiD workshop for DSE in the UK.

Recently we’ve been sharing interesting news from dialogas Tamsoje – the DiD hub in Lithuania like the “Never Seen Before” project. But we’ve discovered more is going on there!