DSE Team 2018


While others talk about diversity and inclusion, we live it. Our international team is set up by colleagues from seven different nations and all ages. Several of our team members are visually impaired. The majority of the team members is located in Hamburg, while some of our colleagues are situated in India, Mexico, Italy, France and Israel.

Portrait of Andreas Heinecke
Andreas Heinecke
Founder & CEO
Portrait of Orna Cohen
Orna Cohen
Partner & CCO
Portrait of Laura Gorni
Laura Gorni
Senior Partner
Portrait of Klara Kletzka
Klara Kletzka
Portrait of Annkatrin Meyer
Annkatrin Meyer
Portrait of Daniela Dimitrova
Daniela Dimitrova
Dir. Dark Operations
Portrait of José Macias
José Macias
Master Trainer
Portrait of Dana Strupova
Dana Strupova
General Counsel
Portrait of Anja Schweder
Anja Schweder
Senior Project Manager
Portrait of Katharina Petersen
Katharina Petersen
Senior Project Manager
Portrait of Mit Somayia
Mit Somayia
Special Projects
Portrait of Matthias Enge
Matthias Enge
Finance Manager
Portrait of Noémie Sei
Noémie Sei
Project Manager
Portrait of Estelle  Bolin
Estelle Bolin
Project Manager Junior
Portrait of Sabrina Sfogli
Sabrina Sfogli